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Belier Press proudly presents
the Second Edition (Revised & Enlarged) of
The Adventures Of Sweet Gwendoline
by John Willie

6 Cartoon Adventure Serials (including a Previously Unpublished, but, alas, Unfinished 40 Page Story): Sweet Gwendoline (1946-50); The Escape Artiste (1949); The Missing Princess (1951-52); The Wasp Women (1951-52); The Race For The Gold Cup (1958); The Golden Idol (Previously Unpublished)!

A Selection of Illustrations done for Robert Harrison's magazines (Beauty Parade, Eyeful, Flirt, Titter, Whisper and Wink) in the late 1940s—including 'The Diary Of A French Maid' (Complete + 2 Unpublished Episodes)!

36 Black & White Reproductions of Drawings and Paintings (circa 1935-50)—Mostly from Original Artwork (34 of which are Previously Unpublished)

31 Watercolors (in Full-Color)—All from Original Artwork (12 of which are Previously Unpublished)!

The First(?) 'John Willie' Illustration from 'London Life' (1935)!

3 'Illustrated Letters' from the Artist about 'tying-up' and 'shutting-up' various things!

An Expanded Biographical Introduction, containing much New Information about J.W. (including 4 Previously Unpublished Photographs of the Artist)!

  All of this comes in a Handsomely Printed, Large-Sized (8 3/4" x 11 1/4" x 1 3/8") Hard-Cover Volume of 368 Pages that Weighs over 3 1/2 pounds! The Price for the Trade Edition—which is Unlikely to be Available in Book Stores—is $40.00 (+Shipping & Handling).


There is also a Deluxe Limited Edition of 500 Numbered Copies which, in addition, includes:

A Previously Unpublished 'Self-Portrait' of the Artist!

A Compact Disc (of just under 48 Minutes), 'John Willie Speaks—John Willie Sings!?!', containing: 1— A Monologue from 'Within A Story'—his only known Speaking Part in a Motion Picture (1954); 2— Excerpts from the only known 'Interview' of the Artist (1961-62); 3— Excerpts from a 'Bawdy Recital' (Poems, Songs and Stories), made by J.W. in 1962!

Both the Print and the C.D. are packaged in a Presentation Folder —together with the Book—inside a Specially Designed Slip-Case. This Deluxe Edition, which Weighs over 5 pounds, is Available only from the Publisher and is Priced at $100.00 (+ Shipping & Handling).

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